Bali part 1

Well, we’re in Bali. Or should I say paradise? We landed in Bali pretty late at night so we basically just made it to our hotel in kuta and fell asleep. The plan was to head down towards Uluwatu to meet up with some friends from California. Alex and Dana have been here for a couple months and recommended a pretty cool villa with a pool and they lined up some mopeds with surf racks for us. They’re getting the place wired so it makes it easy for us to relax and take the recommendations. I’ve been to Bali three times before, but the last time I was here was ten years ago. Since ten years is quite a bit of time and since development has skyrocketed, it felt like I have never been here before. The smell of burning trash in the streets and a little nasi goreng has brought it all back. We’ve basically been trying to get our bearings the last couple days and have been enjoying riding around on mopeds.

We’ve also been surfing some of the best waves on the planet. For anybody who isn’t familiar with surfing and bali, if you asked an avid surfer where the best, most consistent waves in the world are, with the best food and cheapest accommodation, they would say Indonesia. (If they said somewhere else, they’re lying) Bali has been that jumping off point in indo for years. There’s been a little crew of 4-7 of us that roll around through Uluwatu on mopeds with surfboards attached and scoping out certain surf spots, pulling up at restaurants, convenience stores, and it’s starting to feel like we have a little moped gang.

Right now our plan is to meet up with a girl originally from Southern California who moved to South Sumatra and opened a surf/pilates camp. We’ll be there for a week depending on the swell and then back to Bali.


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