So for the last 2 weeks or so we’ve been staying at Matt and Annabel’s house in Torquay, Australia. Since we started the trip in January, we’ve been really looking forward to this leg. After being in South America for about 2 months we were ready for a familiar language and some familiar faces. M and A have really been spoiling us here. There house is inviting and feeling comfortable has come extremely easy. Matt wakes us up every morning at sunrise to go surf. I’ve surfed everyday since I’ve been here. Sometimes twice. They live right down the street from Bells beach and Winkipop so the waves in this region have been pretty much endless. We’ve had swell the whole time as well so naturally I’ve been in heaven. Surfed a place called Grinders and felt like I was in Patagonia again. Matt and his buddy Donald took me down a goat trail that had a vertical decent down about 100-150ft. It was for sure the most treacherous entry to a surf spot I’ve encountered but well worth the risk for some hollow little peaks. Since we’ve been in Oz we’ve been planning the next leg to Bali and just hanging with M and A and their insanely adorable 5 month old little girl Lola. We’ll be here for another week and then off to Bali. It seems we keep running into this feeling like we could spend lots and lots of time in certain places. Australia is no different. I know it may sound crazy considering the duration of the trip Caro and I are on, but sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough time. There’s something to be said about feeling comfortable in certain countries. You can’t help but imagine yourself in the towns you visit like you actually live there. You start asking yourself, could I live here? Oz is a beautiful country. In certain ways there are undeniable similarities to the states which makes it even more appealing and more user friendly for lack of a better phrase. Just like we felt like we could spend 6 months or more in Patagonia is the same way we feel about oz.

We went camping along the Great Ocean Road for Matt, Annabel and Lola’s first family camp out. I personally felt stoked to be a part of that even though their dog Hercules kept everybody but Lola up all night, but nonetheless we had a great time. Checked out the 12 Apostles along the coast. We ventured into Melbourne or pronounced, “Melbin” for a night on our way to Matt’s aunt and uncles house in Venus bay. Matts dad built the house and it’s pretty awesome. We surfed a place called channel where Matt made some new friends. (Beware of the large bald human on a longboard that likes to take off on every wave.) After Venus bay we went down the road another hour or two and stayed at matts parents house. They were out of town so we had the place to ourselves and it’s pretty much removed from everything. Hand built by his dad and out in the bush on about 220 acres of land. We did a little hike and a cliff jump into a lake/ watering hole.

Our time in Oz was exactly what we needed. Matt took his holiday during our stay so it kinda felt like we were all on vacation. It’s amazing how fast time flys when your having a good time. We wish we could have stayed longer but something tells me we’ll be back sooner rather then later. ( oh, and congratulations to Matt and Annabel’s engagement!!!!!) all the best for you two!!


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