One thing we have learned on the road is that spending one long day driving is better than two or three short days and having to pack up and take down the tent everyday. We decided to forgo Luxembourg and head straight to Ghent, Belgium to be able to stay 2 nights instead of one.

We spent a couple hours in Ghent, sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful city center. I must say Ghent is up there with Prague and defiantly worth checking out if you are in the area. We skipped over Brugge which in hindsight I regret, but the beauty of Europe is that everything is so close and soon enough we will be in the area again.

After a couple hours in the city, we grabbed our surfboards and headed to the coast, in the off chance that we might find some surf. We arrived in Blankenberge, to be greeted by huge high-rises on the beach and a not so nice boardwalk area, but on a positive note there was some little waves. Before I knew it, Rex was already in his wetsuit and running down the beach to jump into the 1 foot surf. We spent the afternoon in the sun and surfing. It was a definite unexpected surprise to see some swell and we welcomed it with open arms!

From Ghent we just had a short 2 hours drive to Calais, France and from there we hopped onto a ferry to cross the English Channel to arrive in Dover, England.
No more sign language for us anymore……


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