France part 2

After camping in rain/wind for a couple weeks, you well…quite frankly, get over it. With that being said, we were very very over it and an opportunity came up to rent an acquaintances apartment in Biarritz while he was away for work in London. We naturally jumped at the chance and we were excited to have a solid roof over our head for a change, and to enjoy city life a little bit again. (I think Brandi was the most excited about this, finally her wedges could come out of her bag;))
We spent 4 glorious days and 3 marvelous nights in a very cute apartment close to the city center and walking distance to the beach.
We surfed, ate, drank, laid out in the rain and shopped it up.
These were also Brandi’s last few days and it was time for her to make her way back to California to start work again. We were back to being only 2.

Our next plan of action was to start the drive along the coast, catch some more surf and eventually head inland towards my parents house. Again, our plans changed last minute.

We had stopped by Steve and Lina’s house on our way out, to say goodbye and to see their son Ash, but a quick stopover is never a quick, and 4 hours later we were still in their front yard. Finally we pulled ourselves together and got in the car to head out, we started our drive, when Rex and I agreed  how we actually wanted to stay longer, that we really enjoy it here and how we don’t want to leave. We talked about it for 30 minutes or so, while driving and then decided that we should let the weather make the final decision: if it’s suppose to rain up north and it’s nice in Capbreton, we stay. In our luck the forecast was in our favor and I immediately called Steve to ask if we could take them up on their offer, to stay a few more days in their backyard. 

We back tracked, set up the tent again and had a super fun, yet relaxing couple days with Steve, Lina, Emma, Ash and of course my love, George! It is amazing how some people can truly influence a place for you, and if it weren’t for these guys, I don’t think France would have had such a positive impact on us. We surfed, beached it up, watched Germany win the World Cup (Oleee oleee oleeeeeee, we are the champions, OLEEEEEEE!!!!!!) and enjoyed the last bit of beach life before the long drive back home. 

With feet dragging, we finally made our last attempt to head back to Germany, and this time we ripped ourselves away from Capbreton and made it in 2 days back to Limburgerhof to celebrate with my Papa his 70th birthday! 

We want to thank Caroline &  Brandi for making the long trip to come and meet us, it was great to see familiar faces and to be able to share this trip with some of our closest friends. Also thank you to our gracious hosts, the Adams family, we wouldn’t have loved it as much as we did, if you weren’t there, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything and letting us squat in your yard! 
See all you guys oh so soon back in California 🙂


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