After talking to a few people about traveling to Singapore, we didn’t really have high expectations of the place. From what we heard, it wasn’t considered to be a long term destination, nor could we hike or surf there either. So, it kind of narrows it down. We planned to stay there for one night and hopefully catch some kind of walking tour and/or check out the well known overflow of electronics they have. We found a hostel called the Inn Crowd that had a reasonable dorm, ice cold tiger beer and a free razor scooter, push tour through the city thing. You’ll understand what that is when you scroll down and see the pictures. No offense to anybody, but back home razor scooters are not exactly the most awesome way to get around. They are usually used by kids and I personally would probably never ride one. On the other hand, when you’re in Singapore and there’s a free tour through downtown, and none of you friends are going to see you riding down the street…they become very awesome! So we teamed up with another 8-10 Germans and started kicking away through little India. We razored through a flea market, we razored downtown and saw the Raffles hotel, we razored down to the water front and saw all the high rises. We razored the hell out of Singapore basically. Actually, it was a full blown 5 and a half hour razor mission through the city. We went through the botanical gardens and posted up in an area that looked a lot like a scene from avatar. The park had these huge tree-like structures that lit up with multi colored lights and at 8:30 there was a light show. We all laid down on our backs in the middle of the avatar forest and enjoyed the display of music and lights simultaneously interacting with each other. If you’re ever in Singapore, check it out. It plays every night of the week.

There was a second light show we were headed to but Mother Nature decided to throw a thunderstorm/rain squall fit so we took the metro back to the hostel instead.

The next morning we visited a building that my dad designed that was across the street from where we were staying. I guess in town it’s called the “Gotham” building because of the 1920’s kind of style and the fact that its not like the other buildings in the area. We met up with the head security guard and he gave us a tour of the grounds. We took a couple pictures that were not allowed in the bar and went to the top floor to see the view. The building houses four major international embassy’s. Oman, United Arab of Emirates, Austria, and Mongolia. We were stoked we got to see the building and then it was time for us to start making our way back to the airport.

Singapore definitely surprised us. We weren’t expecting much but we had a great time. Apparently they have a zoo you can visit where you can walk amongst the animals with no barriers, they have hawker centers (open air food pavilions, or street food vendors) basically a foodies heaven. If you want to buy electronics, they have everything. You just need to know what you want and how much you want to spend. They have tons of cool leather and boutique shops…. The list goes on and on. Singapore hit a nerve with us and if we ever get a chance to go back for a free razor scooter city street tour thing, we will most definitely take full advantage of it.


One thought on “Singapore

  1. I was there. Our ship stopped there on the way back from viet nam. Only razors back then you shaved with. Great city. Worst Singapore Sling, I ever had. Bought a Nikon camera there. Travel on, you two.

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