Patagonia and the “W” trek

So we’re back in puerto natales from our 5 day trek through Torres Del Paine national park. Within the park you can pretty much spend as much time as you want exploring the different hiking trails. We took 5 days doing the classic W hike. We packed all of our own food, sleeping bags, and tent into our backpacks and started hiking. Each pack probably weighed about 30 lbs. Caro and I agreed it’s the most we’ve ever hiked with.

Each day we had certain campsites to get to by a certain timeframe. The W is basically just the shape of the hike we did. Up and down 3 different valleys each unique in their own right. The first valley has the famous torres del paine (with the huge granite towers). The second has the French valley, and the third has glacier grey. In between each major stop point there where these towering mountains all around us. They’re so massive that when you look up while you’re walking you almost get vertigo. It feels like they’re all inverted and looming above you. Unbelievable views pretty much everywhere you look!

Hiking with all of our own gear always makes it harder. Going down steep sections is harder on your feet, your back, pretty much everything. The good thing is, is that everyday it gets a little lighter and a little easier.

Everybody told us the weather is sporadic and can change within minutes. They said you can experience all four seasons in one day. Literally. Fortunately for us we only really had sun. I hiked in board shorts most days and couldn’t complain. So all in all I guess we scored. My favorite part of the whole trek by far was the fact that you can fill your water bottle up at any given stream or river with no filter. It might be the best water I’ve ever had.

Extreme mountain terrain, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, rivers. For hikers and outdoors people in General, Patagonia really has it all.


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