Surfed Chile today

So, we took a 12 hour bus ride towards the coast to Arequipa, then a 7 hour bus ride to Tacna, then a local bus for 2 hours across the border into Chile. Last night we met a local guy here at our hostal who said he’d take us surfing today. A couple Aussies jumped in the van this morning and off we went. We pulled out into the beach and drove around until we found some surf. Not very big, but super fun beach break. Kinda mushy rights and lefts that reform into inside runners. We’ll be here a couple of days surfing and planning the next leg of our trip and then off to santiago.Image


One thought on “Surfed Chile today

  1. I see horses……I see surf….life is good!! It was soooo cool to chat with yas today! Miss you like crazy…but so glad you are having such a wonderful time! ………thinking…..Istanbul! ox s.

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