Machu Picchu day2

Day 2 on the inca trail was by far the more challenging of the 4 days. In the first couple pics where we are standing around talking are taken right before we had a grueling 4 hour climb straight up to the summit.(dead woman’s pass). Then a 2 hour descent where we had lunch. You can see the photo with the waterfall on the right and the red and blue tents set up. That’s where we had lunch. Then a 2 hour straight up hill stair master workout, followed by another 2 hour descent into the final stop of the day. In the last 2-3 hours we were hiking in really cold, heavy mist, hence the rain poncho.

Total we hiked for 10 hours on our second day and summited 2 mountains. Dead woman’s pass is 13,779 ft. then down to 11,700 ft., then back up to 13,123 ft. And then down one last time to 11,800 where we camped. For me personally it was one of the hardest hikes I’ve ever attempted. We loved every minute of it!!!!


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