“Yo hablo espanol”


We’ve pretty much fallen in love with this place. There’s just something about this town thats kind of magical. The food is amazing, the people are amazing. You couldn’t ask for more culture and/or history. Are initial plan was to leave on Monday and head to Arequipa and Puno (lake titicaca). From there we were going to take another bus south towards Santiago, Chile. Instead, we’ve decided to skip all that and stay two weeks in Cusco. We signed ourselves up for spanish classes everyday until we leave. Basically everyday we go to class at 2 o’clock and learn grammar for 2 hours. Then for another 2 hours we walk around the city and practice what we’ve learned in class. Totally separate from each other. Carolin has her 2 teachers, and I have my 2 teachers. The class is taught all in espanol! Super fun but really frustrating. Everyday at 4 o’clock my brain feels like it’s going explode.


6 thoughts on ““Yo hablo espanol”

  1. Well, it takes some time to learn a language. But the way you do it, being forced to speak it is the best. It will come handy later

  2. spanisch ist auch nicht so einfach zu lernen, aber Ihr seit mutig. Macht weiter so und viel Spaß auf Eurer Reise. Ihr werdet noch viel erleben und hoffentlich nur Gutes. Hermann

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