This should have been our first post


Getting to Peru was not the easiest thing to do. Let’s just start it off by saying we were really hung over in this picture. The amount of planning and time and effort it took for us to be standing here was a feat in itself. Everything from getting shots, to international drivers licenses, to organizing a sublease to take over our house while we’re gone, travel insurance, throwing all our belongings into storage, trying to pack for 8 months around the world for all conditions……you pretty much get the idea. I could go on and on. Anyways, we get to LAX and somehow I lost my travel pillow in the first 15 minutes. Then we get to salt lake and Carolin left both passports, proof of her immunizations..basically her wallet, in one of the restrooms at the airport. Almost left without them. We would have if we didn’t hear them paging her in the airport. Then, in Atlanta, driving to the airport I look in my wallet and my DL and only debit card are not there. Carolin had taken them out to make copies at Daly’s parents house so we turned around and retrieved those too. To make a long story longer, our immune systems have been kinda run down this last week or two and especially after having one too many celebratory drinks the night of our departure. As of right now, we both have diarrhea, Carolin’s got a cold/cough thing and she and her surfboard had a disagreement with each other yesterday that left her with bruises on her arms and a cut/bruised ankle. So…yeah, it’s been interesting so far and there’s no doubt it’s only going to get better.


3 thoughts on “This should have been our first post

  1. Baaaaaahaaaahaaa!!! That’s our Peru memories… All flooding back (no pun intended) don’t worry – you’re making all the best kind of memories.

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