Surfed Peru today


So, it turns out that Mira flores has a healthy thriving surf community with a ton of waves. Today I surfed a spot right in front of where we are staying called Makaha. It’s a super fun mellow cobble stone right with some lefts. The inside is for beginners and if you can bare the bicep burn for a couple hundred yards you’ll find yourself in the spot to catch about a 200 yard long right. It’s always fun surfing new places. Every spot has it’s own little quirks and different settings. New locals, different tastes of the water, etc. Apparently, in the 40’s or 50’s there were lots of people coming and going here from Hawaii. Naturally, some of the spots here didn’t have names and started receiving similar ones to the islands. I surfed Makaha today which is right next to Waikiki….go figure.


5 thoughts on “Surfed Peru today

  1. You bastard Rex! I’m so jealous of you at the moment… I’m going to follow your blog and live my life through you!! I know… It’s sad…
    I DONT CARE! I just want your life right now! Have fun mate and can’t wait to catch up again one day. Nick:) Zett says hi 🙂

  2. I’m living through you as well Rex. Funny, just today I was wondering where in the world you we’re.
    Awesome man. Keep it going.

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